Victory Hill Capital Partners LLP

Our sustainable
development culture


For Victory Hill, a core component of our business will be selecting investments and offering advice, which meet not only the risk and returns criteria of the firm and it's investors, but also importantly, with our Sustainable Development Culture.

Sustainability often gets conflated as climate change. Due to the origins of the Sustainable Development concept, and due to the relative ease of measurement of Climate Change. Climate Change is indeed the easiest proxy for Sustainable Development. For example, if emissions of CO2 were a million tonnes, and our objective were to reduce them by 10%, this could easily be communicated, measured, tracked, and, in fact, achieved. Both businesses and governments have been tackling these environmental issues in this way for several decades.

In our world view, a Sustainable Development Culture encompasses much more than environmental considerations. It must integrate economic, social and environmental concerns over time, in a mutually reinforcing way.

Sustainable Development promotes good governance, healthy living, innovation, lifelong learning, and all forms of economic growth. By promoting good and participative governance principles, a Sustainable Development Culture has wider implications across almost every problem facing society today.