Victory Hill Capital Partners LLP


Sustainable Investing

We are a firm with a sustainability impact investment strategy and a clear mission to accelerate the energy transition.

All our investments align with the UN SDGs.

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We believe global challenges are best addressed through partnership and collective effort.

The firm therefore is signatory, supporter and member of organisations that seek to drive change through disclosure and partnership.

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Diversity, equality, and inclusion are important to Victory Hill, and the Firm’s values state that we thrive on diversity, acceptance and teamwork.

We believe when individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences come together it brings a number of strategic benefits.

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Our Impact


MWh of renewable generation, equivalent to powering over 9000 average UK homes with clean energy


14,349 tonnes: avoided carbon emissions, equivalent to removing from over 7,000 average UK petrol cars per year


20,613 tonnes: sulfur dioxide emissions displaced

"A successful energy transition needs to balance the ‘energy triangle’ of addressing environmental sustainability, providing energy security and access, and facilitating economic growth and development . The Company’s approach to investment manifests this balance."

Eleanor Fraser-Smith
Head of Sustainability