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Victory Hill Global Energy Growth Fund (GEG)

Private equity growth fund – currently fundraising

The fund aims to invest in renewable developers/independent power producers (IPPs) that are headquartered in Europe and North America and will enable the energy transition to net zero. The uses and proceeds of the capital of the fund is for further project development and ensuring these portfolio developers maintain some equity in the projects they develop. Gaining access to the developer at their company-level, allows LPs to get access to the "development premium", which is only ever experienced by a project development/IPP company once they sell project rights to larger institutional interests.

At Victory Hill we want to enable the transition by supporting proven teams that use proven technologies to advance the energy transition in the markets they operate in. They differentiate themselves from competition by their unique commercialisation strategy, not technological innovation. Indeed, the transition has caused disruptions in energy markets around the world and often, there is strong fundamental demand for new sources of energy or a proven enabling technology, but it is the commercialisation strategy that determines the success of the developers/IPPs as they find the appropriate route to market.

The fund is not raising a blind pool.

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