Victory Hill Capital Partners LLP

Sustainable Investing


Supporting & Accelerating the Energy Transition

We are a firm with a sustainability impact investment strategy and a clear mission to accelerate the energy transition. To do so, we invest through our funds in a diverse range of sustainable energy focused companies and infrastructure assets across a number of distinct geographies and a mix of proven technologies.

All the investments align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are direct contributors to the acceleration of the energy transition.

We work towards a net zero carbon future because it combines our purpose, passion, and expertise. We desire to create change in the present that secures a healthy future.

The Sustainable Development Goals address the most pressing global challenges and provide a framework for achieving a sustainable future.

Combatting climate change is a core part of this action plan. The traditional energy sector is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions but fundamental for all economic activities. For the world to succeed in combatting climate change, and interconnected challenges such as poverty, inequality and instability, a clean, low carbon, efficient and inclusive energy system is required.

Victory Hill’s investment strategies seek to contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals through facilitating the energy transition. We do this through supporting the diversification of energy sources, development of renewable energy infrastructure and low carbon and clean energy technologies. Expanding access to affordable, reliable and clean energy. Reducing the environmental and social impact of energy production and consumption and building more resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure.

Article 9 Funds of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”) have a sustainable investment objective. Our investment focus on a diversified portfolio of global sustainable energy infrastructure assets and companies to support the attainment of the SDGs and accelerate the Energy Transition to Net Zero by 2050 denotes our funds as Article 9.  We have therefore disclosed in accordance with the regulation requirements. 

Through our investments we look to create long term sustainability as well as financial value. Our drive to create a clean and just energy transition means investments must positively impact the energy and infrastructure related SDGs but also do no harm to the others. This is the preliminary decision gate before financial analysis.

The firm has an extensive and integrated approach to ESG across its investment decision making, and asset and investee company engagement. The Firm takes a context specific approach to address the needs of the markets it invests in, this includes addressing the material ESG risks and opportunities of individual investments. Asset operating partners and investee companies are required to demonstrate sustainable practices with the objective to create long term sustainability as well as financial value.

The firm believes that companies with robust ESG practices are better positioned to manage risk, drive operational efficiencies, create new market opportunities and address changing investor preferences. They can also adapt to market and regulatory changes and develop strong stakeholder relationships. All contributing to financial performance in the longer term.